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"I start by applying some paint then I draw into the paint with colored pencils and add in bits of paintings that I have cut up. I find fabric scraps that are appealing and imagery that I have gravitated to over the years.  On top of this I add layers of tinted glaze to push and pull areas forward or backwards and also to smooth out the surface edges.

Shepherds Garden
12" square


Vision of St Eustace
24"H x 18"W


Ascension of St Francis
18" square


Out of the Sea I
12"H x 15"W


Out of the Sea II
12"H x 15"W


12"H x 15"W


Courtly Love

10.5"H x 9.5"W
Mixed Media on Slate


Homage to Titian
10" square canvas


Homage to Ingres
12" square canvas




Opera Singer
11.5"H x 11.75"W


12"H x 15"W


Mother Earth

21"H x 16"W


Red Mountain
17"H x 21"W


Blue Yellow
12" Square


Red Pink
12" Square



More Fractured Fantasies

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